RESTful Direct Mail API

The DirectMailers API is dead simple to integrate with your existing business workflow. Our tools
will help you quickly personalize your direct mail, execute for production and identify when your mail will be delivered.

Whether one postcard or 10,000 letters, DirectMailers has you covered. API Requests received before noon eastern time are printed and mailed the same business day

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List Procurement

A variety of companies, trade associations and credit reporting services supply data sets containing the profiles of millions of targeted recipients. Waterfall reports are created for analysis by the client to assist in in the selection process. Source data is quality checked to insure records and addresses are correct and fall within the specified parameters.

Advanced Analytics

DirectMailers uses predictive analytics, sophisticated modeling and diverse external data sources to deliver powerful information: shopping and buying habits, attitudes and behaviors, lifestyles, demographics—all to better target the most productive consumers with offers that ignite response.

Data Modeling

Candidates are scored into deciles (1-10), each representing 10% of the available universe. Decile 1 is predicted to be the highest performing responders, while decile 10 is the lowest. Eliminating the lowest and least profitable deciles raises the return on investment (ROI) of our campaigns.

National Change of Address Processing (NCOA)

Lists are NCOA-processed to ensure that your mailings reach the intended recipients by identifying exactly how many mail pieces will be delivered, will NOT be delivered, and which can be updated due to a move. Our processing also includes a merge/purge program to eliminate duplicate records.


Multi-variate or A/B test cells are established. Test mailings are conducted to measure variables and implement those features generating optimal response.


Printing is distributed between three state-of-the-art digital facilities strategically located in the Eastern, Central and Western USA. Print/mail files are presorted so that each piece is printed in the appropriate region, achieving the fastest and most predictable delivery. A variety of postcard, letter and folded sizes and formats are available.

Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) Tracking

IMBs are applied, allowing visibility to every item mailed when scanned through the USPS system. This provides a high degree of confidence of the date each piece is received in-home.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

DirectMailers provides an IVR telephony system with associated toll-free 800 and Direct Inward Dial (DID) local numbers. Initial and follow up inbound calls are tracked through the IVR. We also facilitate “screen pops” of the customer record when the account representative answers an inbound call.

Tableau Online Reporting

An easy-to-use analytic dashboard generates campaign metrics for our customers. Data is updated every 15 minutes to provide the most up-to-date information. Reports and features can be customized to meet the special needs of our clients.